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Raising Little Rippers


Raising Little Rippers is on a mission to empower adventurous Mamas, raising the next generation of adventure seekers, by teaching them to teach their littles the extreme sports they love. 

We see a growing a community of like minded Mamas seeking coaching, inspiration and connection. All of us, using extreme sports as a tool to balance our bodies, calm our minds and strengthen our relationships. 

We are the moms who can't stop adventuring just because we had kids, nor should we. We rather challenge ourselves to bring them along and we're happy to meet other Mamas who feel the same way. We're all about sharing the stoke and leaving a legacy, while making memories to last a lifetime. 

Nelly thomas


Hi, My name is Janelle but, you can call me Nelly. 

I’m a simple living, outdoor loving, mountain Mama of three, who believes that time in nature is essential to the health and happiness of all human beings. 

When I’m not daydreaming by the side of a river, I can most often be found skiing, hiking, mountain biking, letterboxing, hackschooling, boondocking, rubbing essential oils all over a loved one or passionately teaching about any of the above. 

I have big lofty goals like, thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, riding my bike across the country and soaking in every natural hot springs I can find along the way. I dream of a world where ice cream warms you up on cold days and old man winter guarantees us dry powder on the mountain.

The first season I taught lessons for a ski school I was a Senior in college. Since then, I've spent twenty joyful Winter seasons, enthusiastically teaching littles how to have fun on the mountain. That’s why I’m here, to share what comes easy to me, what lights me up, what gets me out of bed in the morning, with the Mamas who want to get out on the mountain too.

Why Mamas? Well, because I am one! I've taught my own three little rippers to ski and I understand the needs, challenges, frustrations and solutions you are looking for. 

And...because strong, adventurous Mamas are underrepresented in the extreme sport world but, when it comes to raising the next generation of adventure seekers, our connection is undeniable.